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New Jack Nino - Artist, Writer

“New Jack Nino” is an emerging artist from Cleveland Ohio. From growing up on the eastside of the city as a child to navigating to the city’s west side as a teenager and adult this artist has a wide range of stories to tell from his perspective and experiences. From personal life battles, rap battles, talent shows, showcases, nominations, and a state - wide tour to now teaming up with “JCE Records” to expand as an artist “New Jack Nino” is on the rise fast.  With influences from Waka Flocka Flame, The late Slim Dunkin & Eazy E to Master P... New Jack Nino has defined and shaped a very unique sound. In 2009 Nino acquired help from on a small scale of major industry contacts having the infamous Diplomat records work with him on his debut mixtape “Dey Say Nino”. The mixtape included features from industry artist such as “A-Million” and “Fred Money” which also helped lead to new ventures. By 2010 Nino has built strong relationships with artist, fans, and teachers and is highly respected among peers. Working on upcoming projects, Nino collaborated with big local names such as “Pooh Gutta”, and “Young Shank” of Legit Paper who are both well affiliated with Machine Gun Kelly and Ray Jr. Later on competing in a statewide competition across Ohio with the Ohio Hip-hop Awards, winning over 42 other performances in 2014, which speaks volume on behalf of entertainment scene in Ohio. Moving on to going on an 8-city tour throughout Ohio engaging new fans, friends and industry partners. Nino has accomplished a lot more than your average independent hip – hop act. Attending Cuyahoga Community College full time for Recording Art's while raising three kids, Nino still manages to be on a fast track toward his passion.


In conclusion New Jack Nino is still on his mission. The slogan “No Input No Output” (N.I.N.O) has gone from a nick - name to an idea to a mainstream reference for Nino’s work ethic. Every day Nino is working harder than the last to open opportunities and build relationships. Expect great things in the future for New Jack Nino as we have yet to see the full potential of an artist like this one.

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