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Purple Bars

Waka Flocka and New Jack Nino Photo

“New Jack Nino is from Cleveland, Ohio and he is another artist under JCE Records that is bringing a lot steam to the streets working constantly non stop releasing big singles.

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Doe Boy FBG is also from Cleveland Ohio and is close friends with New Jack Nino. At Only 18, Doe Boy signed a deal with Freebandz after releasing his mixtape “Boyz N Da Hood 2″ a few weeks prior. On December 17, 2012, Future signed a joint deal with Freebandz and his major label Epic Records. Right Now, Doe Boy is the face of Ohio rap music scene.

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Frenchie BSM is a well establish rapper due to him working with Gucci Mane and his cousin Waka Flocka Flame and other artist. It’s no secret that Frenchie helped build Brick Squad into the big label and brand it is today. You can catch him on the road with Derez Deshon or going to the studio putting out new music this year.

Just Rich Gates is the CEO and a rap artist of JCE Records. These days a lot people are taking note of Just Rich Gates work ethic. His music seems to be getting even more dope as time goes by. His rap style is grabbing people’s attention as soon as he deliver his first line on any song. By all means Just Rich Gates is one of the hottest rap artist the Carolinas. Just Rich Gates is far from a here today and gone tomorrow rapper. He will be in the rap game for the long run as a big major deal.”

100 Rounds

New Jack Nino is here with a banger! I wouldn’t expect anything less in all honesty. JCE Records is filled with ridiculous talent. Every song with them on it is an automatic banger. Take a listen to it below:

First off, the hook for this is fire. Frenchie BSM bodied it. He really gave this track that extra grimy sound that went well with the whole mood of the track. This has the ability to be platinum record. Tarentino did his thing on this beat! 808 Mafia is always so clutch with the classic Trap beats. It was hard hitting off rip. It made you like the song before you even heard the first verse. New Jack Nino had the first verse and snapped! Doe Boy was so calm with his verse it went HARD. Last but not least, Just Rich Gates just sealed the whole track naturally. This collab is definitely one of my favorites. It traditional Trap not some of this weak stuff you might hear on the radio today labeled as Trap. If you appreciate real Trap, you’ll love this.

Make you sure to follow them to keep up with new songs etc:


& @TarentinoBIA

Pure Thruth Media Entertainment

New Jack Nino is a hip hop artist out of Cleveland, Ohio who has recently released his single Squad Times.  The single was produced by Chicago’s DoeBoyOnDaTrack with features from Frenchie and Just Rich Gates.

PT:  Why the name Squad Ties for your single?

NJN:  Squad Ties came about, due to my affiliation with Brick Squad.  We have history, therefore the title was fitting.


PT:  How did your surrounding, influence you to get into the music industry?

NJN:  I grew up in a foster home, therefore I did not have parents around me to push me towards basketball or football, all I had was the streets.  The streets pushed me into the music.

I would listen to the radio and hear artists rap about their lives, and I knew my life experiences were just as interesting and sometimes better.

PT:  How would you describe your style?

NJN:  I refer to my style, as cool hip hop.

I am more than a gangsta rapper and I do not just stick to gangsta rap.  I use gangsta rap as a plateau, to transition into the next level of music.

PT: What are some of your musical goals?

One of my goals, is to create music that will influence and change people’s lives for the better.

Everyone is into melodies and good hooks, I will continue to continue to make good music.

PT:  Have you done any touring?

NJN:  In 2013, I did an eight (8) city tour with the Ohio Hip Hop Awards, covering the entire state.

Recently, I had the opportunity to go on tour with Fetty Wap. 

However, I did not perform, I did learn a lot from him as far as how to maneuver and navigate on tour.New Jack Nino, Squad Ties, Frenchie, Pure Truth LLC

PT: What other projects do you have coming out?

NJN:  I will continue to release singles.  I working with Prophet out of PA, DoeBoyOnDaTrack from Chicago, Lex Luger from Atlanta 808 Mafia


Social media:  NewJackNino216



Ohio’s New Jack Nino returns with a new wave banger called “Squad Ties” with assists from BSM’s Frenchie and Just Rich Gates.

Drill King

While the Brick Squad general has been branching out heavy with south carolina and ohio mobster’s, he doesn’t forget to appoint his lieutenant to keep in touch with local talent.

  A new wave banger from NEW JACK NINO called SQUAD TIES featuring the one and only Frenchie and buzzing out artist Just rich gates. While the Bricksquad Monoply CEO has been pretyy low key for the past twelve month, the sqaud is still very active, branching out in every state. We lately have spotted D.Da$h during the breakfastclub incident with Birdman alongside London on the track and Ralo.

Ohio Hip-Hop Awards

“In 2013 F.B.E. took first place at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards Industry Showcase. The members of Fly Boy Entertainment; YurHonor, Kris Wita K, and New Jack Nino won the complete tour in 2014 with hotel stay and $100 per showcase they competed in. Fresh off tour, F.B.E. is looking to continue their efforts going into 2015. Pay attention because these boys are focused and are ready to solidify their spot in the Ohio Music Scene.”

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